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2019-2020 IEA/YEDA Teams

CONGRESS CHAMPION!! Mia Wunderlich and You Stop My Heart! Champion 11 and Under Equitation, 5th Level 1 13 and under hunter under saddle, 12th 11 and under horsemanship, 13th 11 and under hunter under saddle, 14th 11 and under trail, finalist level 1 13 and under equitation. 

Burn The Invitation and Jessica Daniels

Winner of the $500 Memorial Trail Stakes at Gordyville!

Grace Tachikawa and Counts Iron Knight

Mason Dorsey and Good Alibis

2016-2017 IEA Season underway! Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on how the teams are doing!!

Mia Wunderlich and Its All About Charleen, Congress 2016-Finalist 11 and under hus, 8th 11 and under equ

Marina Marotto and Just Call Willy- Congress 2016-Finalist Novice Youth Equitation, Finalist Novice Youth HUS, Finalist 12-14 Equitation

Ann Schaffer and Als Sassy Invitation-Congress 2016-Finalist Novice Amateur Select HUS

Kaitlyn Purssord and Dancininthemoonlight-Congress 2017-8th Small Fry HUS and 8th Small Fry Equitation.

Mia Wunderlich and ItsAllAboutCharleen Reserve Congress Champions in Small Fry Equitation and Finalist in Horsemanship

Marina Marotto and Just Call Willy Congress Finalist in the 11 and under hunter under saddle

Lindsay and Sabrina Brush with IMATRUECOWBOY

Multiple wins at the Hartford County Fair


Shown by Jessica Daniels

Raised and Prepared By Thyfault Performance Horses

Days Flashy Boy

Shown to Multiple Congress placings, world show qualifings and numerous year end awards,

over 200 AQHA points by Jessica Daniels

Peppys Dun Oscar

Shown to numerous circuit championships, youth and open world qualifier

and 30 AQHA points by Jessica Daniels

Randoms From The Barn!

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