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Concord Equestrian Center is a full service equestrian facility located in Delaware, Ohio. Jessica, Owner of Concord Equestrian Center and JD Show Horses, trains english and western all-around horses and offers riding lessons, horse club, judging and horse sales! We focus on creating excellence in horse and rider by starting and teaching a good foundation. We train and teach all ages, sizes and disciplines of horses and people. Come join the fun at Concord Equestrian Center!

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Mason Dorsey and Good Alibis at the AQHA Level 1 Championship show! Reserve Champion and multiple 10 ten finishes. 
3rd place Overall in the All Around!

Its IEA Season!!

Here is some information about Concord Equestrian Centers IEA Team.


IEA Information
What is IEA?
The mission of the IEA is to introduce students in middle and high schools to equestrian sports and to develop understanding and appreciation of equestrian sports through organized competitions and educational opportunities. IEA offers western, English and saddle seat disciplines.
What is Concord Equestrian Team? Concord Equestrian Team is a new western equestrian team competing on the IEA circuit coached by Jessica Daniels. Team members will get the opportunity to compete at the IEA shows representing Concord Equestrian Team in horsemanship and reining. Members will have the opportunity to show without the expense of owning for a horse.  
What do you have to do to be on Concord Equestrian Team?   You have to become a member of IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association) Cost to become a member is $60 per discipline-english and western. Membership is found on rideiea.org. Please complete, pay and print off form. In the section that says “Class Assignment” put in 0, I have to evaluate your rider and put which class they qualify for. Both Parent and Rider areas need signed. I will sign as your witness. Give completed form to Jessica, I have to send all membership forms in together. DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS NOVEMBER 1!
If you are not currently taking lessons from Jessica you will need to take an evaluation lesson (1 hour-$50) so that she can see your riding abilities. After the evaluation lesson Jessica will be able to know what division of IEA you will best be suited for. Practices are scheduled on an individual basis and cost $35 per practice. Riders are required to practice 4 times a month. If a rider cannot make their scheduled lesson time that week a 24 hour notice must be given to avoid a $50 cancellation charge. Riders can ride twice in one week to meet their requirement of 4 lessons a month. There will also be team practices which will be discussed and scheduled at a later date. TEAM PRACTICES COUNT AS 2 LESSONS FOR MEMBERS WHO DO NOT TAKE WEEKLY LESSONS AT CEC. Members must also stay in good standing with their school. All members are required to help with the show we host (date to be determined). We may also have to co-host with another team. Details on the shows and when we have to co-host will be emailed out.
What does it cost? The first initial cost is $60 to become a member of IEA. Practices are 4 times a month and cost $35 a practice. We do have a package available, if you buy 10 lessons for $290 you save $60, which is almost 2 free lessons! For the shows, classes cost up to $40 and the members can show in up to 2 classes per show. There is also a $50 coaches fee for the day of the show. If there is a need for a hotel, the cost of the hotel, for the coach, will be split amongst the members showing at that show. A majority of the shows are local and a hotel is normally not needed. You will also have the expense of buying your show clothes. Clothes will be discussed separately.
Where and When are the shows? A majority of the shows are held in Ohio for our zone (zone 5). We have had shows at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Springfield, Ohio, Franklin County Fairgrounds, Autumn Rose Farm (Dublin, Ohio), The University of Findlay (Findlay, Ohio). We have travelled some out of state to show, such as Indiana. The Show schedule for western for our zone has not been posted yet but could start as early as November. Each rider works towards qualifying for regionals, zones and then nationals. To qualify for regionals, they have to accumulate points (15 for western and 18 for English) by showing at the shows. Each rider can show up to 5 times per class to qualify. Details on the classes and divisions are posted on rideiea.org. Shows are also posted on rideiea.org and we are in zone 5.
What do you need to compete at the shows? Members will need to maintain a good standing at their school and with Concord Equestrian team. They will also need show clothes. For Western Clothes consist of a black western felt hat (clean and shaped), western shirt (will have examples for unfamiliar riders), black or approved color chaps, and black western boots. For English Clothes consist of Black or Dark Blue jacket, white English shirt with collar, tan or beige breeches, black tall/field boots, black English riding gloves, black show helmet. We have connections with local stores to purchase these items. We will also be having a clothing meeting to see what you have, see what you need and meet with our designer for those that want custom shirts. All outfits must be clean, shaped, in good condition and approved by Jessica. Members will not need to own a horse, have tack or horse equipment. That is all provided by the team that is hosting the show. Riders that do not meet their practice requirement for the month that the show is held in will not be able to compete, as in school sports, you don’t go to school or practice you don’t play.
How do the shows work? Once the member is placed in a division they will show in that division and only compete with riders at their level. There are normally two shows in one day (morning and afternoon) for western and English normally has 2 show, 1 Saturday and 1 Sunday. At the show, there is a group of horses that is used for the competition; these horses are split into groups according to their abilities as well. At the beginning of the show the coaches or exhibitors will draw for which horse the exhibitors will show. Before their class the exhibitors will mount their horse that was drawn for them. They are not given any warm up time. You go in the arena and show. Horsemanship and Equitation classes are based on the rider’s ability to stay in perfect position along with controlling the horse and having the horse perform certain maneuvers. Reining classes are judged the same way but adding a reining pattern. Over fence classes are judged on how you handle and maneuver that horse around a jump course.
  Fast Facts
·         No need to own a horse to participate. Classes are offered in four ability levels: beginner, novice, intermediate, open. Any combination of ability levels on a team is permissible, but it is advantageous to have at least one rider in every class to be competitive as a team. Riders in grades 6-8 are eligible for Middle School Teams while riders in grade 9-12 compete at the High School level.
·         Points are tracked for individual rider accomplishments AND for overall, team accomplishments. Individuals and teams earn points to qualify for regional, zone and national finals.
·         Teams take turns hosting horse shows throughout the season. New teams are NOT required to host any shows. Second year teams are required to co-host at least one show. Teams in their Third year or additional years must host one show or co-host two shows per year.
·         The competition season starts September 1st and ends at the National Finals. Hunt Seat National Finals are in April. Western National Finals are in June.
·         Students ride horses that are furnished by the host barn and chosen by random draw. The use of personal tack is not allowed and limited schooling is permitted. This equalizes competition variables and tests the horsemanship of the contestants.


Whats Happening 2017!

  • October 1-CONGRESS SET UP
  • October 6-28, All American Quarter Horse Congress, Columbus, OH--Click to view our riders schedule!
  • October 31-No Lessons, Trick or Treat!
  • November 5-Western IEA competes in Xenia, OH
  • November 11-12-English IEA Co-hosts and Competes at Sid Griffith Equestrian, Hilliard OH
  • November 18 Horse Club 9:30-12, $40, bring a friend for $20 extra, please rsvp
  • December 9/10-English IEA at Sid Griffith Equestrian 
  • December 16-Horse Club 9:30-12, $40 please rsvp

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